Cotton Candy Bath Sprinkles

Cotton Candy Bath Sprinkles


Add a extra dose of sweetness into your bath with our Cotton Candy Bath Sprinkles! Sprinkle desired amount of bath sprinkles into your bath and watch them fizz! As the sprinkles fizz they release delightful aromas of cotton candy  and cocoa butter that will hydrate your skin.

Scent: Cotton Candy

  • On the top of each Cotton Candy Bath Sprinkle you will notice a sugar piece in the shape of a unicorn, shooting star, lighting bolt, donut or ice- cream cone.

  • This sugar pieces can be placed into your bath!

*Please note the sugar pieces are selected at random 

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Directions: Sprinkle desired amount Frosting Bath Sprinkles into your bath and watch them fizz. As the sprinkles fizz they releases delightful aromas and sweet cocoa butter that will hydrate your skin . Our Bath Sprinkles are a fun way to liven up your bath. 

Contains: Almond Oil


+Fair Trade

Ingredients: *+Theobroma cacao (cocoa butter), Simmondsia chinensis (almond oil), Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid, Hamamelis (witch hazel), Colored Pigment, Sugar topping, Flavoring.