Back To School: Essentials + Organization Tips!

Back To School: Essentials + Organization Tips!

Hey everyone!  My name is Mary Devall and I am a YouTuber and Frosting Belle.  If you want to check out my YouTube channel, my account name is Mary Devall Koenigs!  Let’s talk about school.  It may not be the most exciting time of the year, but there are ways to make it more fun.  Organization is also a BIG part of school, so I will be giving you some tips on how to stay organized during the hectic school year.  Any school essentials that you may need are right here, so just keep reading and you will have the best school year yet!

1. A Durable Backpack- Backpacks are the most obvious essential, but the right kind of backpack can be tricky to find.  You are always going to need a backpack that can withstand anything and can fit everything you need.  My backpack this year is a black North face backpack.  North face backpacks are one of the best you can get because it can hold everything you need!  They also come in very cute colors! 

Organization Tip #1: Get a backpack that has lots of storage compartments, so that everything will have a place!

2. Cute School Supplies- Every year you try to find cute supplies at Target, but you end up with just a white binder or a pattered binder that ended up costing $10! No need to be stuck anymore because with finding the right supplies and a little bit of washi tape, you will have the cutest supplies ever.  All you have to do is find a good binder at Target that maybe has some sort of design on it (or sparkles) and make sure it isn’t one of the $10 ones.  They might be hidden, but I promise they are there!  You can also spice up any plain notebook by putting washi tape on it.

Organization Tip #2: ALWAYS get dividers with your binder because that will keep everything sectioned off and in its right place!


3. An Agenda- Agendas are life savers.  I am really not kidding! They keep everything organized whether you use them to keep track of homework or you are writing down a grocery list.  My all-time favorite place to get agendas is Lily Pulitzer.  My agenda this year is in the pattern Tusk in Sun.  You can get less expensive agendas at Target or at any local stores.

Organization Tip #3: Color coating your agenda can make it cuter (if you get a plain one) and it makes everything easier!

4. Back to School clothes- I know that shopping for back to school clothes can get expensive!  Marshalls is a great place to get really cute clothes for inexpensive prices.  I bought some tops from Marshalls for fall and they look so cute!  You can also try out Target or Old Navy.  New clothes are definitely an essential for back to school!

Organization Tip #4: Make sure that you have made a section in your closet for new clothes, so that you won’t be grabbing summer clothes!

5. Concealer- You know that you will probably be staying up late doing homework or studying, so the next morning you will NEED concealer!  Bring it with you in your backpack too, so that you can reapply if need be.  My concealer is the Naked Skin by Urban Decay and it is amazing!

Organization Tip #5: Have a spot in your backpack to put your concealer in, so that you won’t misplace it!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post! Hope you enjoyed it.  Use ‘ShopMary’ code to get 10% off your purchase at the Frosting Company!


Mary Devall