Where is your most favorite place you have visited?


Summer is the most popular time of the year to travel.We asked our Frosting Belles to tell us what was their most favorite place they have visited. Here is what they said....

"My favorite place that I have visited is Rome, Italy. My grandfather on my father's side is originally from that area so it was very special to visit where my heritage and culture influence comes from. The weather is always cool even if it is in 80s because it has a nice breeze there all the time. It is amazing to see what my ancestors did and where they lived." -Shine

"My favorite place has to be Kennebunkport, Maine. My whole family has been coming to the same place for over 25 years! I have a lot of family that lives up in Rhode Island, so we all meet here in Kennebunk. It is so much fun because I only see them during that time of year. Also, every night (rain or shine) there is a camp fire and everyone gathers around it to talk and have fun. I am here right now! I'm having so much fun(:" -Carolyn

"My absolute favorite place to visit for vacation is Torch Lake, Michigan. My first time going was last year and I fell in love. The place is soooo pretty, the lake has a sand bottom, with a sand bar, and the water is crystal clear. I can't wait to the end of this week when I get to go again!" -Lindsey

"I am, without a doubt, a Disney girl. Each year, my family and I travel to Walt Disney World and never get tired of the happiness & joy that it brings to our lives each time that we visit. With that said, my favorite place I have ever vacationed/visited, would and always will be, Disney World. It literally is, the happiest place on earth!" -Sasha

"My favorite place is Dallas, Texas. I was about 11 or 12 when I first traveled there to visit family I have never met, but it was amazing and so memorable. I love the Southern atmosphere, how wherever we went someone would ask, "Where y'all from? Y'all got northern accents!" and how they'd get so amazed when we said we were from the Chicago area. My Uncle and his wife are a lot more wealthy than us. It gave me lots of inspiration to work hard to be able to achieve my goals and find a home that I loved, a neighborhood that I was comfortable in, and be able to have little luxuries like a boat and pool in my backyard! :)" -Cailyn

"I visited Sicily in Europe a few years ago and it was my favorite place that I have ever visited! Sicily was so cute and we went to some small towns!" -Mary