How I Cleared Up My Skin!

This is too good not to share! The results are amazing and is great for all skin types.

 My skin is very sensitive and I have tried different treatments to improve my skin from acne creams, to facials, and face washes. I would end up with very dried out, red sometimes even burned skin.

I recently learned about oil cleansing and it has been a life changer! The basic concept of oil cleansing is to balance and cleanse your skin. Cleansing your skin with natural oils will dissolve the oil and impurities that has penetrated your pores. Steam will then open your pores, thus allowing oil and impurities that were trapped to be removed. It is simply the process of dissolving oils with oils.

Now let’s get started: 

1. Massage a quarter amount size of oil (coconut, olive oil, hazelnut) into your skin. I personally use a blend of olive oil and coconut oil. (You can find this the baking section of your grocery store).


2. Let the oil absorb into your skin for about 10 min.


3. Place a clean washcloth under very hot water and ring out the excess water. Place the hot washcloth over your face to allow the steam to open your pores. Leave the washcloth on your face between 1-2 min.


4. After 1-2 min. Remove the washcloth from your face and use it to remove the oil from your face.


Your skin should feel cleansed and refreshed. Repeat this process 4-5x a week.


* I personally saw result within the first week. The redness I had went away and the breakouts are gone.  My skin has been less oily  and I have a clearer complexion.