Gardening Tips & Tricks

Spring is all about fresh picked flowers, planting a garden and enjoying the warmer rays. One of the items on my Spring to-do list this year is to plant a garden. I recently learned about few tips and tricks and wanted to share them with you!


Gardening Tip #1

Regular weed killer is very harmful to the environment, pets and people. A safer and much cheaper alternative is apple cider vinegar. Yes, apple cider vinegar! Pour apple cider vinegar directly onto your weeds. The acidity of the vinegar will get rid of your weeds and still keep your soil healthy!

Gardening Tip #2

Reuse and Recycle! The next time you steam or boil vegetables, save the water, let it cool and use it to water your potted plants. The water is filled with added nutrients and is said to be a natural fertilizer that provides your plants with more stable and steady growth.

Gardening Tip #3

Did you know that plants love coffee?! Coffee grounds can be used as garden compost which releases soil-enriching minerals. Coffee grounds can also be used as garden mulch.